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Kempler & Co. Inc. has been doing business in the Los Angeles area since 1986. A family owned and operated by Levy Kempler and son Yagil Kempler.

Kempler & Co. Inc. was engaged in building commercial projects, condominiums, apartment buildings and residential houses in the past.

We specialize in residential high-end homes. We have over 40 years experience in the field of construction stretching to three continents.

Our Mission Statement

  • We are a family owned and operated company
  • We are committed to the project
  • We are committed to the client
  • We escort the customer during the process
  • We enable the customer to enjoy the process
  • We provide quality
  • We deliver on time
  • We deliver within budget
  • We provide successes projects

Levy Kempler


In Africa Levy built Hospitals, major roads and an airport for the country of Zambia. In Israel Levy was involved in building major industrial parks, apartment buildings, and the port of Ashdod the southern seaport of Israel.

Since arriving in the U.S in 1978 Levy Kempler built hundreds of condominiums, apartment buildings and residential houses.

Yagil Kempler

Executive Manager

Yagil Kempler has a B.S in engineering from Cal. State Northridge, California. Had worked in the construction field since 1986. Owned a project management company in Israel, supervising the building of commercial projects and residential houses. In 2002 Yagil had joined Kempler & Co. Inc working with Levy ever since.

Doron Tal

Executive Manager

Doron Tal, has been a residential and commercial contractor since 1982. Kempler & Co. Inc. & Doron Tal have joined forces in 2011.

Doron was born in Israel, studied electronic engineering at Haifa Israel Technion Academy and at the Deutsche Grammophone Acoustics in Frankfurt Germany.

Doron’s expertise in Hillside homes, cliff hanging pools and tennis courts, which require avdanced engineering skills; made him one of the most knowledgeable hillside contractors in Southern California.

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Tyler Bromley

Project Manager

Tyler has been with the company for 3 years and is enjoying building and maintaining great relationships with all of our customers.

Guy Ben Meir

Project Manager

Guy has been working with the company for a year.

He is responsible for social media networking, operating the company's drone and operates as a superintendent in the field.



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